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iPhones getting big... bigger... smaller?

As many of you already know, Apple had another event yesterday. where they revealed their newest iPhone: the 4-inch iPhone SE. Up until now, the phones had gotten bigger and bigger with each new reveal, and now, they are cutting back in size a bit. 

Source: (full event here)

Source: (full event here)

I am excited for the new iPhone as I always am, but I also wonder about the implications of streaming on our mobile devices. People in the industry have been saying mobile, mobile, mobile, and I thought that meant that we were going to be carrying around iPad-sized phones soon. 

I'm not sure if the size of the phone says anything about how people view content because I know that people watch videos and scroll through the internet on their phones, but I think that when it comes to movies or longer videos, people may prefer tablets or computers. Or maybe Apple is just trying to continue to sell their iPads rather than offering a complete alternative by selling a massive phone.  Let me know what you think!