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Snapchat Update: The focus isn't on Chat 2.0

As mentioned in my last blog, Snapchat had an update a couple of weeks ago that added new features including the ability to send gifs and emojis, but the major focus of the update was on Chat 2.0. But what do people think about it?

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 3.37.07 PM.png

While I have neither the funds nor the research capacity to do a truly accurate sample, I do have Twitter and friends who use Snapchat frequently, so I went ahead and did some preliminary research of my own. Below is a poll that I posted on my feed two weeks after the update. 

As it turned out, a much larger number of my followers than I had expected either disliked the update or had no idea that there was an update. After asking around, I figured out that the biggest reason that people dislike the update is because of the now "automatic" playing stories, where it goes from one person's story to the next without kicking you out. In addition, people still are not using "Chat 2.0" like Snapchat had hoped. Even I have only made one Snapchat video call because FaceTime is easier. The infrequent use of the chat feature could also be why people didn't know about the new update. Maybe Snapchat won't be the one stop shop that they had hoped to become with the new chat, but it will be interesting to see how the company responds to the ways people are using the update.