Going Rogue: My Study Abroad Experience

During the summer of 2015, I was fortunate enough to study at the London School of Economics in the heart of London! (This experience was brought to you by countless hours of babysitting and working as well as donations from Jack Jessen- thanks dad). I took two business classes there (Foundations of Management and Consumer Behavior where I won Best Research Project), but before that, I went backpacking (also known as "going rogue" to our group) with one of my good friends at UGA and some of her friends through Munich, Venice, Milan, and Interlaken. Once I got to my program, I traveled on weekends to Ireland, Scotland, Paris, and of course, places in England like York, Cotswolds, Cambridge, and Oxford! Like many others, I recorded my experiences in this travel blog! It means a lot to me that you are taking part in my adventures by reading this blog, so thanks for stopping by! 

Nothing Sweeter Than Swiss Chocolate


The last city that I was able to backpack through before I started school was by far my favorite. Interlaken is the most beautiful place that I have ever visited, and that is not an exaggeration. Bright clear lakes with the Swiss Alps in the skyline. Add a small town feel with super friendly people. What else could you need? 

Money cannot buy an experience like being in a stunning lake between mountains with adorable sailboats scattered throughout. My time spent at the lake was one of the most relaxing moments of my life, and I will never forget this city. I cannot wait to return (and hopefully retire here if Switzerland will let me in). 

Hang Gliding Interlaken

Oh yeah, we also went hang gliding. It was so much fun!!! Birdman Bernie and Ed the Eagle took us on an "air tour" of Interlaken. Hang gliding was amazing- it was peaceful and relaxing and beautiful. I recommend it to anybody who visits Switzerland!! I am so happy that I was able to do this, and I ended up flying twice in one day since I left for London later that day! Sorry mom and dad, but I am safe! (More pictures to come)

Invaluable Insight from Yours Truly: The Zurich Airport is enormous and thus has three different check-in sites with different groups of airlines at each. Naturally, all three are far away from one another. I was blessed enough to visit all three because my flight was through one airline yet operated by another, and of course, I started at the check-in that had neither of these airlines.