Going Rogue: My Study Abroad Experience

During the summer of 2015, I was fortunate enough to study at the London School of Economics in the heart of London! (This experience was brought to you by countless hours of babysitting and working as well as donations from Jack Jessen- thanks dad). I took two business classes there (Foundations of Management and Consumer Behavior where I won Best Research Project), but before that, I went backpacking (also known as "going rogue" to our group) with one of my good friends at UGA and some of her friends through Munich, Venice, Milan, and Interlaken. Once I got to my program, I traveled on weekends to Ireland, Scotland, Paris, and of course, places in England like York, Cotswolds, Cambridge, and Oxford! Like many others, I recorded my experiences in this travel blog! It means a lot to me that you are taking part in my adventures by reading this blog, so thanks for stopping by! 

Losing a Few Pounds

And by pounds, I mean British currency, which luckily for me, are more than one and a half times what U.S. currency is going for. BUT I am spending my money on remarkable experiences and living in Central London, so I may be poor, but I am so lucky to be where I am. 

 My new boyfriend, Ben, and his House (of Parliament)

My new boyfriend, Ben, and his House (of Parliament)

Life in London

I've written about all of my travels; however, I have not yet had the chance to write about how incredible my "home" is yet! I've put it off because there is no way that a blog post will be able to even come close to capturing this city that feels like it's the center of the world. In addition to having adorable accents, eating fish and chips, and drinking massive amounts of tea, the people here are well-dressed, friendly, and intellectual. And surprisingly enough, they don't go straight home from work and continue to binge watch Netflix. Rather, they go to a nearby pub, grab a drink, and socialize with friends for a few hours. My kinda place! 

School has been great as well! It is very challenging, but it is also very interesting, and I feel like I learned so much in my first course. My peers are from all over the world, so I am learning just as much from them as I am from my studies! I feel so grateful to have this opportunity to learn so much from the places I am traveling, the people I am meeting, and the classes I am taking. (Yes, I am a nerd). 

In London, I have been fortunate enough to do so many things. I have mastered the tube, become good friends with Big Ben, tried to convince Westminster Abbey to drop the "e," made a fake phone call in a stereotypical red phone booth, admired the London eye, hung out with an Easter Island head and the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum, visited Buckingham Palace, and shopped in Covent Garden. I have attended Wimbledon, strolled through Hyde Park, gotten lost in Harrod's, seen Wicked in the Apollo Victoria Theatre, gone to church in St. Paul's Cathedral, toured the Tower of London, experienced the bustle of Trafalgar Square, admired Shakespeare's Globe, visited fun pubs, befriended local pigeons, and gone to visit Kate, Will, Harry, Charlotte, and George at Kensington Palace. (Naturally, Harry is in South Africa for three months, so he has lost the opportunity to date me- his loss). 

I still have a lot left to do while I am here, but luckily, I have time! Today was the first day of my second course, which will last for three weeks, and then I will be back in the states before I know it! I hope to make the second half of my stay even better than the first half (if at all possible). I do miss everybody though and am excited that I am that much closer to seeing all of you! It means the world to me that you are reading this and keeping up with what I am doing! Cheers!